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You can now buy sanitary pads for girls who need them

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The reality is many impoverished girls lack access to sanitary pads. Most rely on dangerous and unhealthy items such as old rags, socks, t-shirts, even newspapers during their most sacred time of the month and this impedes mostly their education. Whilst providing girls with access to menstrual hygiene care through sanitary pads is our goal, our mission is to build and empower girls to become active and productive citizens.

Dear Bella Maxi is made from cotton, designed to provide comfort and maximum hygiene you deserve. We provide good quality product at a reasonable cost. One of the reasons for lack of access is the price of the sanitary pads.

Beyond providing access to sanitary pads to those who may not have the means, our efforts go towards building and empowering young women to become leaders in their communities.

We offer various touch-points in which you can help better your or a girl’s life. 1. anyone can buy and donate Dear Bella Maxi pads. 2. If you are a young women, you can be a Dear Bella Ambassador 3. Identify a school that needs our schools programme.

28 May – Menstrual Hygiene Management Day

19 November – World Toilet Day


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There are a lot of girls in our communities and in schools who need help. If you wish to contribute, please sponsor from as little as R99 pm, to cover 7 girls for 12 months. For bulk orders: call us on 079 945 7067 or email us on

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