Beyond Beautiful

You can now buy sanitary pads for girls who need them

Our Story

A product born from seeing  struggles for women and girls in rural areas with no access to sanitary towels and could not manage their menstruation properly. Named after my mother, Bella, to honor her as a mother and a woman who at some point in her life went through the same experiences of the women and girls we come across. Women and girls, who are so impoverished that they resort to contraceptive injection from government clinic in order to stop menstruation or  use old rags, newspaper, toilet paper and many other unhygienic substances to manage their menstruation.  There had to be a solution which provided them with AFFORDABLE sanitary towels of good QUALITY as well.  The solution also had to include a way in which women could benefit and make an income from the very product they use monthly.

About Dear Bella

Our Maxi Pads are made from wood fluff pulp which is safe and great for absorption. They are individually wrapped in a pack, with a no noise material for easy handling and absolute privacy.

Because we are about ACCESS, our pads are AFFORDABLE without compromising on QUALITY.