NO girl should ever sleep with anyone to get access to sanitary pads

Ambassador Programme

Dear Bella ambassador programme is for people who will volunteer to work in their communities in the interest of girl children and community in general. They are responsible for highlighting the plight of girls with no access to sanitary pads in their communities

Benefits and Activities

  • Empower them through various educational activities.
  • Raise issues related to menstrual health.
  • Work with media to raise profile of Dear Bella campaigns
  • Organise events that compliment profile of Dear Bella campaigns in their communities e.g. Fund raising, menstrual health awareness events etc.
  • Take part in Dear Bella income generating initiatives
  • Be involved in community projects
  • The volunteer programme is a term programme. A minimum of 6 months
  • Ensuring that you raise funds to buy sanitary pads for girls in need.
  • The funds will directly help your initiative
  • To Maintain Ambassador status, you have to:
  • Make a pledge raise or sell sanitary pads of at least 4 boxes per month.
  • Fulfill this pledge through donations from people in your network.
  • Host at least 1 Beyond Beautiful event/party per month
  • Create your own campaign e.g. Fun walks, running, reading, cooking, street cleaning, community hall cleaning, visiting children in hospitals, visit girls in orphanages, help girls with homework/school work etc


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